I was once addicted to the latest business books..."One Minute Manager, "Who moved my cheese?", "Good to Great"...to name just a few. All of these books made sense on the surface, and I did my best to become a Great, One Minute Manager...until I met Alan in 2006. Alan has been my Executive Coach for over a decade. I often refer to Alan as my mirror and my Rabbi. Alan digs much deeper than any book can ...and I lean on his consistent coaching to maximize my potential to achieve any personal or business goal.

Greg Hullstrung,
H&D Physical & Occupational Therapy

Simply put, working with Alan has changed my life.

His recommended readings and coaching brought insight and understanding of my own motivations and internal drivers, allowing me to focus on areas I long thought needed development in both my professional and personal life. Through this work I found the ability to address issues that held me back from achieving long sought goals.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Alan to anyone seeking to better their life.

Edward Reddan
Commercial Facilities Manager

It’s easy to feel you don’t need outside guidance from a counselor or spiritual advisor or a life coach unless you are in dire straits. But you don’t have to be at the end of your rope to gain benefits from talking with someone with a fresh point of view, especially if that someone has the skills, experience and an expansive view of the world as trained life coach. I was a skeptic myself until I found Alan as a life coach. I have known Alan as my dentist for over 30 years but when I needed someone to guide me through a difficult period of my life I discovered Alan as a life coach.

It is amazing how we can be trapped in a way of thinking that we had been trained in and accustomed to all of our lives. All Alan does is ask the right pointed questions and suddenly another road can open up before you. All you do is scratch your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Alan does not judge nor does he advocate solutions. Instead, he helps parse problems into manageable pieces and guides you to the solution. If I were not an intelligent, rational woman, I would say it’s magic!

Lourdes Marzan

I trusted him to deal gently and compassionately with my head and my heart, just as he had with my teeth.

I was not wrong.

"I have known Alan Goldstein for more than 25 years.... Using the system he has learned in being a coach, he is applying certain principles of personal growth to assist others in living up to their dreams and potential, both within themselves and in their careers, relationships, and families. In my work with Alan, he demonstrated his desire to do all that he could to help me reach the outcomes that I had set for myself.... The result is clarity, peace, and a new way of living my life."

Mary Ward,
Author and Theologian

When I embarked on a six month "coaching" contract with Alan Goldstein, I knew very little about the process. But I did know the coach, both as dentist and friend, and I trusted him to deal gently and compassionately with my head and my heart, just as he had with my teeth. I was not wrong.

The goals that Alan and I agreed to during our first meeting evolved over time. I initially wanted to look only at work-related issues, since I had taken on a new job with added authority and responsibility and was feeling inadequate and intimidated. In addition, I was discouraged and concerned about how far I had strayed from a disciplined self-care regimen. My eating habits were poor, I was exercising in fits and starts, and I regularly felt stressed and overwhelmed. Although I did not let go of these original objectives, the list eventually focused on a handful of central issues that affected every aspect of my life.

Alan used a variety of techniques to help increase my self-awareness and alter my behavior and thought processes. My explorations ranged from the Enneagram to the Dalai Lama and back again. I started to exercise and meditate on a regular basis, and as these practices became integrated into my life, a transformation in how I saw myself started to take place. With greater clarity than ever before, I was able to isolate and discuss events which were central to the issues that Alan had helped me identify. Longstanding relationships with colleagues, family, and friends evolved in rewarding directions. I have started the process of allowing myself to be vulnerable, more forgiving, and more compassionate.

The catalyst for all of these changes was my coach. He was unfailingly available to me, always encouraging and supporting, non-judgmental, and in every act and word, communicated to me that he was on my side and that his goals were my goals. I look forward to continuing the journey.

Marcia Morante,
Senior Executive,
Software Development Company

I am a dentist in the New York City area and have had the good fortune to be coached by Alan for several years. On many occasions, our discussions and his probing questions have helped me grow as a leader. Frequently when the standard answers to the usual dental practice problems met with resistance, Alan led me down another road. This counterintuitive path has been enormously helpful, not only to me, but to my staff and patients as well. Our service, productivity and of course, our profitability have all improved.

Ana Triliouris,